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Password Strength Meter

An enhanced password strength meter backed by the PasswordPing database of insecure passwords, it replaces the existing password input field on your website's account sign-up and password change forms, automatically notifying your users when they are using a weak or compromised password. It doesn't just display the password strength, it also checks to see if the password has already been compromised.

PasswordPing has catalogued over 2 billion exposed passwords and counting, along with common words and surnames which typically appear in the password cracking databases used by hackers. Armed with this information, the PasswordPing Password Strength Meter can help your users make a more informed choice when selecting a new password.

The Password Strength Meter is free to use up to 100,000 password strength checks per month. Integrating it into your existing signup form is very straightforward and can be accomplished in minutes in most cases.