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Getting Started

PasswordPing has a series of simple hosted APIs which allow you to harness the power of our massive database of compromised credentials and accounts for integration into your application or website. PasswordPing consists of the following:

  • Credentials API
    Securely lookup whether a given username/password combination exists in our database of compromised account credentials.
  • Exposures API
    Lookup what exposures a given email address has been involved in.
  • Exposures Alerts Service API
    Allows you to register email addresses so that you will be notified when a new exposure of that address occurs. Notification occurs via a POST to a Webhook URL you specify.
  • Passwords API
    Lookup whether a given password exists in our database of compromised passwords.
  • Password Strength Meter
    A JavaScript library which allows you to easily replace the password strength meter on your website's signup form or password change form with one that leverages the Passwords API.

Unless otherwise noted, all APIs are implemented as REST web services with JSON responses.