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PasswordPing API

At its core, PasswordPing is a massive cloud database of exposed credential data. Our range of web-based APIs provide different views into this data, tailored for different use cases. By integrating the PasswordPing API into your systems, you can leverage our data and patent-pending credential screening technology to increase the security of your products and company.

See below for the available APIs and the different use cases they are tailored to meet:


What It Does:Takes a password and returns a result indicating if the password has been exposed.

Typical Use Case:Integration into account signup forms and password change forms to alert users if they enter a known compromised password.

Benefit:Increases the quality of your users' passwords and ensures users aren't using exposed passwords that cybercriminals routinely include in password cracking dictionaries.


What It Does:Takes a username/password combination and returns a result indicating if these credentials have been exposed.

Typical Use Case:Integration into site or application login forms. As users log in, their credentials are checked against this API and, if compromised, the login can be blocked and redirected into a password reset flow.

Benefit:Prevents cybercriminals from logging in using stolen credentials. Helps ensure users are using secure credentials at all times.


What It Does:Takes a username and returns a list of all credentials exposures (data breaches, data leaks, etc.) for that user.

Typical Use Case:Periodic scans across your user base can determine if one of your users has been involved in any new exposures. If so, a notification can be sent to the user and potentially a password reset required.

Benefit:Provides another layer of protection for users.

Alerts Service

What It Does:Register a list of your users' email addresses via the API. We will then notify you when a new exposure occurs for one of them.

Typical Use Case:An easier alternative to periodically scanning your userbase using the Exposures API.

Benefit:Similar to the Exposures API, this gives you the ability to protect your user accounts and notify them the moment a new exposure potentially affecting their account is found.